How to prevent infection of Rabies Virus

For prevention of rabies virus infection For prevention of rabies virus infection, anti rabies vaccine is an active and effective medicine. This vaccine helps your body to produce antibodies by its own to fight with this virus. Generally this vaccine is given by two ways. First it is given to persons, who are infected by known source of animals (by bite, lick or scratch). It is called post exposure treatment. It is also given to persons, who have high risk of getting infected with this virus. Such as animal handlers, travelers or persons who work, travel and live in wild areas where there are chances to come into contact with animals. It is called pre exposure treatment.

Infection caused by rabies is considered as serious and sometime fatal also. In the most countries of the globe, rabies in animals accounts for most cases. These viruses passed on humans and pets also. Generally dogs are more responsible for most cases of rabies passed in humans. There are animals like dogs, cats, foxes, horse, cattle and swine also known to become infected with the rabies virus. If you are treated for rabies infection while travelling in any place outside of your country then contact your doctor after returning to your place as it is necessary to take additional treatment. It is compulsory to take this vaccine under the supervision of health care professional or certified doctor.

You can take this vaccine in any hospital or clinic. A trained health professional or nurse will give you this vaccine. It is injected in the upper arm muscle but young children may be given this vaccine into the upper lag muscle. If you are traveler or working with animals than you are at the risk of rabies virus exposure. For your health safety with this virus, you will receive 3 dose of vaccine on different days. In order to rabies vaccine effect properly, it is important that don’t miss any dose. Keep prior appointment with consulting doctor. There is small risk of viral diseases transmission as this medicine is produced from human blood. Human bloods which are donated from human donors are tested for any possible viruses to keep the transmission risk low and safe.

Avastin Injection for treatment of cancer

Avastin Injection for treatment of cancer A monoclonal antibody Avastin Injection is used for the treatment of much type of cancers including brain tumor, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer and rectum cancer. This medicine interferes with the growth of cancer cells and prevents the spread of infected cells in the body. It is suggested that you need to seek medical attention after feeling any side effect. There are some common allergic reactions such as hives, breathing trouble, swelling, vomiting, chest pain, fever, back pain, headache, irregular blood pressure and heartbeat. It is also advice that consult your doctor before using this medication and inform him about your any possible allergy such as possibilities of heart diseases, you have scheduled a surgery, you are pregnant or planning to do, you are breast feeding a baby, high blood pressure or you are taking any other type of medicines.

If you need any type of surgery then you should stop taking AVASTIN before 4 weeks ahead of time and do not start treatment after 4 weeks of surgery. You will receive this injection in vein and IV infusion can take 90 minutes to complete. Before taking this medicine you need to check your blood pressure and urine on precaution basis. Also use extra care to prevent any type of bleeding specially at the time of brushing and shaving.

During the treatment, the dosage of medicine is prescribed by health expert based on your condition and medical history. Generally it is administered via injection in every 2 to 3 weeks. This medicine must be keeping in refrigerator and stored in freezing. Medicine should never be shaken. Visit your doctor regularly while treatment.